LED String Lights

Brand: Magic Christmas Model: 600-11346
300 FLASH LED 5mm, ANA 10cm, 31V, EXTENDED TO 3, GREEN CABLE, WHARM WHITE LED, IP44 Category: Series / Line Category: Series / Line Lamp Type: LED Led Flash Number of lamps: 300 Cable Color: Green Lamp Color: Warm White Color Temperature (K): 2600K Lamp size: 5mm Prog..
Ex Tax:26.93€
Brand: Magic Christmas Model: 600-11347
Length: 7310cm (73.10m) Waterproof: IP44 Lamp Type: LED Lamp Color: Warm White (2600K) Cable Color: Green Quantity of lamps: 700 Lamp Distance: 10cm Extension: Yes (max 2) Transformer: Yes..
Ex Tax:55.15€
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