Electric Wood Sanders

 Electric Telescopic Sander Brushless 1010W ø225mm LP1000 STAYER  Electric Telescopic Sander Brushless 1010W ø225mm LP1000 STAYER
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Brand: STAYER Model: LP1000
PRODUCT ADVANTAGESWithout flexible shaft: maintenance free while ensuring optimum power transmission. S1 brushless 3 phase engine located on the head to avoid failures. 5 constant speeds. Ready to be conected to an external vacuum cleaner. ø37.5 mm Adapter & 1-3.5 m. hose Detachab..
Ex Tax:317.00€
Brand: STAYER Model: RO752E
Specifications:Power: 750W Palm: 5mm Speed: 1600-5800rpm Plate: 150mm..
Ex Tax:220.00€
Brand: STAYER Model: LR125BE
Specifications:Electronic speed adjustment Integrated discharge unit Speed: 12000 rpm Power: 300 W Plate: F125mm Weight: 1.6 kgIncludes:dust bag sandpaper sheet..
Ex Tax:49.00€
Brand: STAYER Model: LH190E
Specifications:power 250W Speed: 6000-14000 Dimension plate: 187CH92 mm Weight: 1.9kg It has dust suction..
Ex Tax:59.00€
Brand: STAYER Model: RO150E
Specifications:Electronic speed adjustment according to the working material Integrated dust collection Handle height adjustment Base sandpaper velcro Speed: 4000 - 13000 rpm Power: 450 W Pulse: 2,5mm Plate: 150mm Weight: 2.4 kg..
Ex Tax:91.00€
Brand: STAYER Model: LOM130PD
Specifications:Suitable for work with one hand Speed: 14000 rpm Power: 170 W Weight: 1.2 kgIncludes:Three plates: rectangular (basic), rectangular big delta..
Ex Tax:86.00€
Brand: STAYER Model: 40LH187
PRODUCT ADVANTAGESErgonomic design Wide sanding surface STANDARD EQUIPMENT2 velcro sandpaper sheet Coupling for dust extraction Fixation velcro plateSpecificationsWatt: 150W Pulse: 2mm Friction Plate Size: 187 x 90 weight 1,2kg Speed: 12000 m..
Ex Tax:30.00€
Brand: STAYER Model: LP700E
Specifications:Power: 620 W Rotating head 360 ° Ability to connect an external suction unit (broom) Electronic speed regulation 800-1700 rpm Suitable for removal of acrylic paint weight 4,3kg base 225mm..
Ex Tax:260.00€
Brand: STAYER Model: HP750E
Specifications:Power: 710 W Integrated dual fan system for dust collection Ability to connect an external suction unit (broom) Electronic control 6-speed Suitable for removal of acrylic paint 180mm base Speed 1500-3200 rpm weight 2,5Kg..
Ex Tax:169.00€
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