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Brand: YATO Model: 20000843
HOOK SCREWDRIVERS SET 4 PCS Set of 4 hook screwdrivers for cleaning and removing hoses from fittings without injuries Characteristics : The hooks are hardened and made of durable steel (Magnetic tips) The handle is made of high quality non-slip material. Set of 4 pieces An essential tool for..
Ex Tax:3.99€
Brand: YATO Model: 20025971
Key opening: 5.0 Key opening: 6.0 Key opening: PH1 Key opening: PH2 Slot Cross nose (PH)..
Ex Tax:6.17€
Brand: YATO Model: 20028631
Screwdriver detector of electrical voltage and interruption of electrical circuits. It also allows basic control of transistors, diodes, resistors or capacitors. Characteristics: AC range for the contact method: 70-250V AC voltage range for the induction method: 70-1000V DC voltage range for t..
Ex Tax:4.56€
Brand: YATO Model: 20002864
Characteristics: Straight Control light on the handle Voltage determination between 70 and 250 V. Operates on a 2 x 1.5 V LR41 battery Made in Poland..
Ex Tax:2.38€
Brand: YATO Model: 20002827
SET OF ELECTRICIAN SCREWDRIVERS Professional insulating screwdriver for electricians. Can be used in all work in low voltage installations. Characteristics: Multilayer handle with VDE certificate for insulation up to 1000V Made of durable steel S2 with hardness HRC 56-60 Length: 75 mm 2 Cros..
Ex Tax:13.23€
Brand: TOP ELECTRONIC Model: 01.052.0075
KIT ELECTRICAL WASHERS   Includes 2 electrical terminals 4mm² 1 electrical terminal 6mm² 1 electrical terminal 10mm²   Test screwdriver..
Ex Tax:3.59€
Brand: YATO Model: 20025965
Set with 6 screwdrivers of professional construction and durability. Excellent quality is an excellent choice for the professional. CROSS SCREWDRIVERS: PH1-100mm, PH2-100mm, PH0-75 SCREWDRIVERS STRAIGHT: SL 3-75mm, SL 5-100mm, SL 6-100mm..
Ex Tax:12.10€
Brand: YATO Model: 20028300
Characteristics: Straight Length 190 mm..
Ex Tax:1.13€
Brand: Eurolamp Model: 147-18001
Weight: 30 ± 0.5G Weight (kg): 54gr Switch: NO Lifetime: 30000h CE mark: YES Operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ 55 ° C Numbering: 20PCS / BOX Length: 200MM Length: 19cm Certificates: YES Certificates: YES Width: 3.5MM Box Quantity (pcs): 1/12/480 Hypertension Protection: No Packaging: No..
Ex Tax:0.90€
Brand: Pro'sKit Model: 01.052.0019
CHARACTERISTICS - Steel alloy - Non-slip handle - Back panel opener - Folding cover opener - Security screwdriver  ..
Ex Tax:13.77€
Brand: Pro'sKit Model: 01.052.0052
CHARACTERISTICS - Non-slip handle - Steel alloy ΜΥΤΗ  1.0x40mm  2.0x40mm  3.0x40mm  3.5x40mm  #000x40mm  #00x40mm  #0x40mm  1.5x40mm  2.0x40mm  2.5x40mm  3.5x40mm  T6x40mm  T8x40mm  T10x40mm  T15x40mm..
Ex Tax:22.10€
Brand: Eurolamp Model: 147-18000
Credentials :YES Quantity (pcs) :1/20/400 Weight :47gr Certifications :YES Length :14cm..
Ex Tax:0.60€
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