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Brand: Nitecore Model: 9110100854
LED NITECORE BR35, 1800L LED, Bicycle Bicycle LED rechargeable dual-beam bin, OLED information display, micro USB port for recharging the 6800mAh built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. Very robust package for every type of bicycle road. Based on the two integrated CREE MX-L2 U2 LEDs emitting glar..
Ex Tax:117.66€
Brand: Universe Model: 2-U002530
The SET BICYCLE LED FLASHLIGHT which can be adapted very easily to the front and rear of the bike. It need three batteries 6xAAA, has power LED power possible. The bike kit has many different programs (intensive / low power, flashing etc.). Front Light With 3 Operation  Re..
Ex Tax:1.69€
Brand: AlphaLed Model: A22-06206
Color: Red (Stop) + Yellow (Signs)130 lumensFunctions: 3 (flash, steady, cross-flash)Signals: Right, LeftLaser: 2 Red Lights, steady ή flash visible to 50 m.Remote: WirelessSensor Auto: on / off due to light sensor with lux meterBattery: Li-ion 2200mAh 18650USB, 3-..
Ex Tax:31.45€
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