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Brand: Nitecore Model: 9110100795
FLASH LED NITECORE FOR GP3 Lamp for GoPro and Sony cameras. Provides extraordinary light during filming in low-light and underwater shooting. Built-in sliding reflector helps to get more dynamic and lively images. The refractor is made of translucent polycarbonate material that ensures that all l..
Ex Tax:36.21€
Brand: Nitecore Model: 9110100654
NITECORE EXPLOSION-PROOF EF1 LED FLASHLIGHTAnti - Explosive!Special lens with a certificate for use in hazardous industrial environments includingoil farms, either onshore or offshore. About 4000 types of gases and vapors have been measuredwhich are either flammable or explosive on hazardous industr..
Ex Tax:144.76€
Brand: Nitecore Model: 9110100724
LENS LED NITECORE L series LA10 Pioneering small lantern peripheral illumination with adjustable extending refractile. Small size, lightweight and extremely easy to use, works with one AA battery for up to 23 hours. It has an excellent LED CREE XP-G2 S3 that can deliver up to 135 lumens and can c..
Ex Tax:23.31€
Brand: Nitecore Model: 9110100744
high performance Lighting with CRI LED lighting which discloses in detail the articles. The maximum power reaches 205 Lumens and operates with a battery 18650 or two CR123 batteries. Extreme color rendering capability shows things as they should look. The light looks like it but the sun in orde..
Ex Tax:31.85€
Brand: Nitecore Model: 9110100982
NITECORE L series LR50 LED Flashlight Portable external lantern that charges from USB and works as a Power Bank! 3 in 1 - Lantern - Power Bank - Battery charger 18650 The LR50 lantern can be used as a Power Bank with a 5V / 2.1A USB output when operating on 18650 batteries. Charging is po..
Ex Tax:40.24€
Brand: Nitecore Model: 9110101123
LED LIGHT NITECORE L series LR60, 3-in-1 Campbank Plus1. Ideal for 3 in 1 camping device2. Room light with 280 Lumens, Power Store (Power Bank), Battery charger for 18650, 217003. Power Bank 18W QC    Fast charge: An iPhone 12 in 2 hours, A Huawei P30 in 1.5 hours4. It has a discharge func..
Ex Tax:40.24€
Brand: Nitecore Model: 9110101096
NITECORE LED Flashlight ML21 Magnetic Light, 21700 Intelligent Battery System1. Smart and Innovative 21700 battery system - energy solution.    Includes:    A NITECORE 21700 "i" series battery    An ML21 magnetic luminaire    A magnetic cover with a USB port t..
Ex Tax:34.60€
Brand: Nitecore Model: 9110101089
LED LIGHT NITECORE MULTI TASK HYBRID MH10S, 1800 lumens1. Flashlight for everyday use, excellent performance, capable of being powered by two types of batteries. Recharge from USB-C port,    maximum power 1800 Lumens, maximum distance 294 meters.2. Equipped with a Luminus SST-40-W LED, cap..
Ex Tax:72.50€
Brand: Nitecore Model: 9110101088
LED LIGHT NITECORE MULTI TASK HYBRID MH12S, 1800 lumens1. Very powerful compact lens with the ability to be powered by two types of batteries.    Recharge from USB-C port, maximum power 1800 Lumens, maximum distance 294 meters.2. Equipped with an Luminus SST-40-W LED, it is capable of deli..
Ex Tax:84.60€
Brand: Nitecore Model: 9110100703
TORCH LED NITECORE RECHARGABLE R25 + carging dock A new LED lens that covers the gap in the range Nitecore for a rechargeable flashlight with charger. So the lens is always ready to use and always charged. The charger can be mounted either on a flat surface, or vertically on a wall or inside a ve..
Ex Tax:88.63€
Brand: Nitecore Model: 9110101071
LED LIGHT NITECORE PRECISE P20i, Tactical, Strobe Ready 1. Business lens LED, generation-i, which works with battery 21700 (included), recharges it through a USB-C port, has     separate switch for direct access to the STROBE lighting and the maximum brightness power reaches 1800 Lumen..
Ex Tax:80.56€
Brand: Nitecore Model: 9110101090
LED LIGHT NITECORE PRECISE P20UV V2, Tactical, Strobe Ready1. Business LED flashlight with two main light sources [White + Ultraviolet]    1000 Lumens in White and 320mW in Ultraviolet.2. The V2 model is a very powerful upgrade based on the experience of thousands of users that aims to see..
Ex Tax:74.19€
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