Dimmer RGB

Brand: Elmark Model: 99RGBCONTROL
Rated voltage: 12 V Degree of protection: IP20 Output current: 12A (3x4A) Input voltage: 12-24V DC Output voltage: 12-24V DC Dimensions (mm) L: 128 / W: 64 / H: 25 Warranty: 3 years..
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Brand: Eurolamp Model: 147-70603
It is combined with: RGB RF Controller Certificates: NAI Quantity of Box (pcs): 1/50 CE Mark: NAI Features: Touchpad Features: Up to 4 controller (147-70604)..
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Brand: Globostar Model: 77445
New Wireless Controller Round RGB 12v to 24v suitable for any RGB product that operates between this output voltage. Works with all RGB products from 12v to 24 Volt. LED Strips, LED Spots, etc. Controller Round RGB 2.4 G 5-24 Volt DC Range: 30+ Measures Remote control: RF Voltage: 12..
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Brand: ACA Model: RF18-AUDIO
Output current: 12A 12 Volt DC Output Power: 144 Watt 24 Volt DC Output Power: 288 Watts It has a microphone, a signal sensitivity setting and a sound signal socket. Function indicator light. It has free & locked operation...
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Brand: Cubalux Model: 13-0842
Operating temperature (Ta): -30 ° C ~ + 55 ° C Energy class: A ++ Length: 107 mm Width: 58.5 mm Height: 9 mm (IP) protection category: IP20 Input voltage: 3 Vdc (CR2032 battery) Signal range: 30 m Output signal: RF (2.4GHz) Lighting adjustment: Dimming 0-100% - RGB - Dual Color (CCT) Weigh..
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Brand: Globostar Model: 30340
RGB Dimmer 12 Volt 12 Amperes with a maximum load of 12 Volt 144 Watt suitable for all RGB 12 Volt products. You can mix Mix colors between Red, Blue and Green or leave a monochrome. It has Dimming capability from 0 to 100% without feeding. No minimum load required. Attention! Install..
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LED Controller with Dimmer RGB RF 72W ACA
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Brand: ACA Model: RF20
With this product you can control 14.4 Watt / meter RGB Ribbons of up to 5 meters or 7.2 Watt / meter RGB Ribbons of up to 10 meters RGB CONTROLLER WITH WIRELESS RF-SIGNAL REMOTE CONTROLLER OF VARIOUS OPTIONS OUTPUT: 2A X 3 CHANNELS POWER: 72W OF 12V 20-30 METERS RANGE NO DIRECT..
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Brand: Globostar Model: 04034
LED RGB Controller with Cable and Wireless 12 Volt RF Wireless Controller easy to install. maximum power consumption of 72 watts at 12 volt. It contains a wireless control for remote control on RGB products...
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Brand: Amarad Model: 5.3.8
Input voltage: 5-24V DC Output current: 3x4 A max / channel Power: 144W max Suitable: For adjusting the brightness of RGB LED film with power cable 5.5x2.1mm male DC connector Operating temperature: -200C + 600C Features: 3 color control buttons, flashing speed, flashing modes  ..
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Output current: 24A 12V DC Output Power / 288W 24V DC Output power / Power output: 576W It has free & locked operation RJ45 input / output ports for ultimate synchronization Function and signal lights 1 year warranty..
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Brand: ACA Model: SZ600-RGBW
Current Output: 24Α Power Output 12V:  288W Power Output 24V: 576W DEtection Range: 25-30m Driver Dimensions (LxWxH)(cm):  L: 9.1 W: 8.8 H: 2.4 Code: SZ600-RGBW..
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Brand: Cubalux Model: 13-0940
Operating voltage: 85-265 Vac Operating temperature (Ta): -30 ° C ~ + 55 ° C Length: 86 mm Width: 86 mm Height: 35 mm Output signal: DMX / 512-RF (2.4GHz) Weight: 188 gr Operating Distance: 30 m..
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