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Delivery Information

  • The shipping of the packages is done by our courier company Courier center  ( from 1-3 working days. The freight cost is covered by the customer.
  • The term "available" in our eshop means that the model no of this product is active in the database of the official delegation and under no way is it a commitment for us. In case of temporary lack of the product you are informed by phone call for the estimated date of availability.
  • The shipping costs are as follows: 3,00 € for each package up to 3 kilos and the fee for the payment upon delivery is € 2,00. For any extra kilo up to 8kg the additional cost is 1.00 €/kg. The total cost for large packages sent within Athens from 8kg up to 15kg is 8,00 € and for the rest of Greece 10.00 €. The costs may exceed the estimated cost of shipment due to the volume of the shipment. In addition to this, if the area where you live in is characterized as difficult to be reached by courier company, an extra fee of € 4,50 is applied.
  • ATTENTION!: In some cases  some areas are still difficult to be reached from the courrier
  • The delivery time mentioned is valid for shippings within Greece. For delivery in other countries as well as Cyprus the delivery time is different and it depends on which Service you will choose. We will inform you by phone or by e-mail for the available shipping methods and charges. Especially for Cyprus the suggested shipping method is by Sea and delivery within 10 days.
  • Orders with cash on delivery method must be confirmed by phone first.
  •  Our shop is in Moschato area, Pireos 90, 183 46 street and you can contact us at the following:

    tel. 2104822281 , 6949121433

     You can receive your orders from our retail shop on Mondays,Wednesdays 09:00 - 17:00 Tuesdays ,Thursdays,Fridays 09:00 - 20:00 and Saturdays 09:00 - 14:00.