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Choosing Lights Based on Brightness   When incandescent light bulbs were the only options on the market, wattage (or power supply) was viewed as a measurement of a light’s strength, or brightness. However, the magic of LEDs and CFLs is t..
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5 Ways In-Ground Lights Go Wrong    In-ground well lights can add dramatic uplighting along walkways or garden beds but sometimes things go wrong with an installation. Whether your fixtures are new additions or have been uplighting foliage ..
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5 Places in Schools that Need LED Lighting  Schools and educational facilities can benefit from LED lighting in more places than you may think. Using LED technology can not only cut electricity costs in school districts and universities, it c..
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Why Are My Fluorescent Lights Swirling?  Unless you’re setting the scene for a haunting, swirling and flickering fluorescent lights are annoying. Aside from getting on your nerves, the rapid on/off cycle can cause your eyes to strain or feel ..
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Creative Ways to Make Your Office Desk Pop with Lighting  Work is a place that most of us have to venture off to in order to make a living. More than likely, you spend a sizeable amount of time in the workplace, so why not add a personal t..
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What is Light Pollution?  For many people, it would be difficult to imagine living in a world where artificial light does not exist. Since the invention of light bulbs in 1879, the use of artificial light sources in everything from street lam..
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 How Lighting Affects Your Mood     Ever feel “not quite yourself” when there’s a lack of light, but can’t quite put your finger on it? Ever notice how your mood seems to improve when you’re in a brighter room? This isn’t your imaginati..
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Home Theater Lighting Design Tips  Are you a film nut finally converting your spare room into a home theater? Do you already have a home theater, but hate the glare that never seems to go away? We understand the need to create the perfect cinem..
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Lighting for Small Spaces From carefully selected paint colors to coordinating knick-knacks, your Pinterest board may be full of grand ideas for your remodel, but your matchbox-sized kitchen is unable to fit that 20-lamp chandelier. It’s time to ..
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Retail Store Lighting Guide  Whether you’re selling fancy soaps or the latest fashions, having the right lighting can have a big impact on your customers’ shopping experience. Don’t let an over-illuminated or dim shop drag down your sales. We’l..
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5 Reasons Why An Air Cooler Is A Smart Buy This Summer    A cooler just consumes 33% more energy than a ceiling fan A regular ceiling fan consumes 75W whereas this amazing air cooler delivers powerful cooling with a consumption of..
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What Goes Wrong With Your Fan  There are two main problems that can tend to come up with ceiling fans: 1) wobbling; and 2) noise.  Wobbling fan Probably the most common problem with a ceiling fan is that over time it begins to “wo..
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Ceiling Fans: What You Should Know when considering buying a ceiling fan    The most important thing to keep in mind when considering buying a ceiling fan, is that you get what you pay for. A less expensive model may look nice, but you run t..
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Ceiling fan - What you should know  A ceiling fan is a mechanical fan, usually electrically powered, suspended from the ceiling of a room, that uses hub-mounted rotating paddles to circulate air. Most ceiling fans rotate much more slow..
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Fan - Must for the summer     A fan is a machine used to create flow within a fluid, typically a gas such as air.[1] The fan consists of a rotating arrangement of vanes or blades which act on the fluid. The rotating assembly of blades a..
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WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BATTERIES  The battery is one of the key parts of many types of vehicles, boats and machines, as well as a source of energy for many electrical devices.It is estimated that more than 130 million batteries are inst..
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6 Unique Night Lighting Ideas  You may not be afraid of the Boogie Man anymore, but you might be afraid of losing your toe to the deviously-sharp end of your bed frame.If you’re stumbling on your way to the kitchen for a midnight snack, the..
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The Importance of Restaurant Lighting     After a long work week, you’re ready to visit your favorite, cozy and quaint restaurant. The service is pretty good, and the food is exceptional, but your attraction to this place has more to do w..
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5 Ways to Use Vintage Bulbs   The reign of Edison bulbs has not come to an end.These elegant light bulbs come in both LED filament and incandescent styles, casting a unique orange glow, similar to the light from a flickering candle. P..
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5 Places to Use Outdoor Timers   Outdoor timers can make holiday lighting a breeze. However, automating your rooftop Christmas lights isn’t the only application your timer is good for. Here are a few other places where an outdoor timer migh..
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The Dos and Don'ts of Patio Lighting     Few lights are more versatile than patio lights. From 10 feet to 400 feet in length, patio string lights can be used pretty much wherever and however the mood strikes you. However, if you’re n..
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TIPS TO CREATE THE PERFECT HOTEL LIGHTING   When your guests book a room, you want them to feel comfortable. While comfortable beds, big-screen TVs and nice artwork all provide touches of luxury, you should always pay attention to the room’s ..
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DIY Vol. 7 – Amazing Lighting Ideas for Lighting     There is no bigger satisfaction than to construct something useful for yourself, especially if the construction will be done by recyclable materials.The main idea, common to all const..
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Lighting Layouts for Specialty Lighting       We’ve covered the basics of how you should arrange your favorite light fixtures.  Part two of our lighting design tips covers a few common but specialty lighting applications in the home. ..
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DIY Vol. 6 – Amazing Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen      There is no bigger satisfaction than to construct something useful for yourself, especially if the construction will be done by recyclable materials.The main idea, common to al..
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Lighting Layouts    Once you buy your light fixtures, how should you arrange them? Planning your lighting ahead of time can save you a headache later.The key factor to every great lighting layout is even and consistent spacing. The ..
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Smart security easy to use!     Monitor your property Anytime from Anywhere! High quality Security and Surveillance products improve smartly the security of your home, office or warehouse. Get instant notifications on your smartphone when..
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Do your home a "Smart Home"  CVMORE Smart Home is an innovative system that allows you to handle up to 250 CVMORE Smart Devices controlled by only a single central unit/Gateway. That unique feature rightfully makes the CVMORE Smart Home system..
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Tips - Lighting and Reading!  At some point in our childhoods, we were all warned that reading in poor light would ruin our eyes. Later on when many of us got glasses, we even felt guilty about the time we spent under the covers reading bedtime..
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DIY Vol. 5 – Amazing Lighting Ideas for Floor Lights      There is no bigger satisfaction than to construct something useful for yourself, especially if the construction will be done by recyclable materials.The main idea, common to a..
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How to Light Hallways and Stairways   When it comes to lighting hallways, many homeowners already know: they’re tricky, and stairways are doubly so. Stop tripping up those steps and frightening your friends by leading them down a darkened pas..
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Floor lamps: The must of the season  The lighting has a great influence in the decoration and in the total energy emitted by the room. Closing in parenthesis the practical reasons why it is necessary the illumination, we will find that depen..
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DIY Vol. 4 – Amazing Lighting Ideas for Sconces     There is no bigger satisfaction than to construct something useful for yourself, especially if the construction will be done by recyclable materials.The main idea, common to all constr..
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Tips for the dining lighting   A striking luminaire offers you the possibility to get an object with impressive design and give you a unique aesthetics in your room. If you can invest in a single lamp then it will be a lighting that will be p..
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Tips for Outdoor Lighting  Most of us have some lighting outside our home that belongs to us, and that we control. Porch lights or security lights, for example. A lot of people also like to add outdoor lighting as part of decorating for the h..
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Tips To Avoid Mistakes In the Lighting Of the Kitchen  The kitchen is a work space and the lighting is very important. The help of a specialist is necessary for a correct result, with reference to the practical and the aesthetic part. The fac..
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Tips for Lighting Your Home   Replace your common lamps with LED lamps. Highly attention to the rejection of fluorescent lamps because they contain mercury which is harmful for the environment but also for humans!  For Outdoor light..
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DIY Vol. 3 – Amazing Lighting Ideas for Ceiling Lighting     There is no bigger satisfaction than to construct something useful for yourself, especially if the construction will be done by recyclable materials.The main idea, common to a..
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Ideas for Decorating your Window Shopping    The window shopping of a workplace plays a very crucial role because it constitutes the "face" of the shop. A beautiful and well decorated shop window reflects a well rigged shop, a sophisticated..
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DIY Vol. 2 – Amazing Lighting Ideas for Table Lamps     There is no bigger satisfaction than to construct something useful for yourself, especially if the construction will be done by recyclable materials.The main idea, common to all co..
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DIY Vol. 1 – Amazing Lighting Ideas     There is no bigger satisfaction than to construct something useful for yourself, especially if the construction will be done by recyclable materials.The main idea, common to all constructions, is ..
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What to do and What not to do about Lighting  Perhaps it is not always obvious, but the lighting is one of the most important aspects of any room. Below you will find what to "DO" and "DO NOT" do in order to ensure the appropriate lighting ..
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Highlight your home with LED Strips! Do you like playing with the lighting in the house? The classical lighting with our very beautiful lights, or floor lighting, or sconces create a very warm and beautiful atmosphere but we always want more and..
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Which is the best lighting option for each room of your house? The choice of your lighting play a crucial role in all areas of our lives. Have you ever seen pictures of the same area with different lighting? The change of the atmosphere and the ..
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Hotel LED Lighting In a highly competitive time like today, the hotel owners have to find new ways to attract visitors and tourists, to meet the domestic market pressures and to cope with increasing competition from neighboring countries. In rece..
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BeeLights - came to steal the show! Lighting is an important element of decoration and functionality of a room, whether it is a relaxing room as the living room and the bedroom of a house or  a workplace like kitchen, office or a business room...
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  7 Common Home Lighting Mistakes We’ve outlined countless ways to light spaces effectively, but we’ve done little to address the most common mistakes people make. For many homeowners, illuminating a room can seem as simple as installing a li..
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BATHROOM LIGHTING IDEAS AND TIPS There are places  in the house with less lighing but they are still important as all the others. A proper design of the bathroom raises the value of the whole house. There are many ways to enhance the bathroom lig..
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O Σεπτέμβρης ο μήνας των σχολείων όπως λέγεται, φτάνει πλέον στο τέλος του και όλα τα παιδιά λίγο πολύ έχουν μπει στο ρυθμό του σχολείου και του καθημερινού διαβάσματος.Για το διάβασμα όμως εκτός από μολύβια και τετράδια απαιτείται και κάτι άλλο πο..
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