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Product warranties - Returns

  • All LED products sold in our shop are covered by warranty from manufacturers.The warranty is at least for 2 years for the lamps.
  •     The products covered by a one year of warranty are power supplies,led strips,EGLO luminaires,gadgets and accessories.
  •     Under no circumstance the warranty of a product covers the damage caused by improper handling, improper use, incorrect connection, improper or wrong installation, different voltage, short circuits, fire, high or low temperature, humidity, natural fenomena (lightnings, floods, exposition to the sun, etc.) .The warranty does not give any right for compensation apart from the repair or replacement of the product (our judjement). ANY OTHER EXPENSE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  •     For the products of 12V (G4, MR11, MR16, LED Modules), you should obtain the electronic transformer of our company ,for the warranty to be valid.
  •     In case of failure of a product due to defect from the factory that is covered by the warranty ,the client pays any expenses to send the product to our shop and we bear the cost of the shipping back to the customer. The products must be shipped within the original packaging for the factory to accept them.
  •     Returns of products that are not of your choice are accepted only in case where the packaging remains intact with no damage or rips and strictly only within 5 days of purchase (date of receipt or invoice), the product should be in the original condition without scratches fears and wears. We reserve the right not to accept the return of products (more than 150 € of value) or products purchased by special order for the customer. Any other change apart from the above is not accepted from our store.
  •     The transportation of the products is responsibility of the buyer as well as any danger that may arise during the assumes no responsibility for broken or damaged packaging of the products during transportation. The company ensures the proper and perfect packaging of the product to minimize the chance of corruption during the shipment.
  • gets the products from the official delegations of the companies and therefore is not responsible for any bad-incorrect operation of the product and therefore any customer claim should be made to each delegation that guarantees for the product.
  •     The warranty is provided by the delegation of each manufacturer and covers olny the value of the product ONLY in case that it is defective. In no case the warranty covers costs of installation - removal - transportation and work.
  •     Shipping costs: We pay for the returns in these specified cases.
  •     Return due to accidental product selection: allows you to ask for the return of the product purchased even within 5 working days and select another one of same value. This possibility is offered if the product is intact, sealed in the package with the receipt or purchase invoice. Non refundable, the value of the returned product is credited to the customer so that he can choose another product that may wish.
  •     In any case reserves the right to reject any refund request without the obligation of justification.
  •     ATTENTION: Please note that if the product is not in its original state it can not be returned.
  •     There cannot be returned: Broken LED strips, aluminium profiles, Bazaar products.
  •     Transportation: The costs for transportation of returned products are yours.
  •     In case of construction errors observed from the very first days of use (DOA - Dead on arrival), you can return the faulty item back to us and we pay for the costs  (using the same company that shipped the product). As long as we make sure that indeed your product is covered by the D.O.A policy, we send the new product and we pay for any cost and our technical department keeps you constantly up to date. You are again kindly reqested to return the products in their original states and packagings when you first bought them!
  •     The returned products,are checked and processed by our repair department. The replacement will be approved as long as the malfunction is found and is not a customer's fault.
  •     In case of failure of replacement for the defective product due to unavailability, an alternative product will be suggested or we will issue a credit invoice. If no defect is found from our technical department, the product will be returned to you and you will pay for shipment costs.
  •     Our company is not responsible for technical problems caused by interferences using products of our shop with other incompatible products during installation.
  • All returned goods are checked for damage and authenticity. If our company discovers any defect or damage for the customer's side, we reserve the right to refuse the replacement and return the products back to the customer.


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